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University is an exciting time of personal growth and enlightenment, exposure to new ideas, and interaction with a diverse student body; however, for some, it may also be a time of homesickness, loneliness, isolation, and withdrawal. As a community, we seek to facilitate programs and initiatives that reach out to university youth in order to diminish anti-social behaviour and crime within the university community. Everyone, sometimes, needs a helping hand or a welcoming smile, and our initiatives strive to positively impact university students and community members when they may need mentorship, guidance, or friendship the most.

Studies have shown that university students who are engaged, not only with their studies, but also within the community around them have far more positive outcomes throughout their university days and into their careers. Engagement can mean the difference between a student who drops out and fails to finish his/her education, and a student who succeeds, goes on to further their education, and ultimately grows into a great community contributor. However, when some students enter university, they are entirely alone, separated and perhaps far away from the communities of their childhood, from family and friends, and while some youths find this liberating, others are crushed and overwhelmed by this experience.

Youths may then struggle in their studies or get depressed, leading to anti-social behavior and sometimes dangerous experimentation. We seek to change the course for these university youngsters and appeal to them during the moments when they are most susceptible to social isolation, leading them away from anti-social behavioors and criminality, back to the community, social engagement, and friendship.

A community that looks out for its most vulnerable members is one in which everyone ultimately thrives.

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